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Jun 02


DC Council Budget Hearing Highlights Need to Expand Access to Unemployment Benefits

UPDATE: On June 30, 2020, Legal Aid and other advocacy groups sent a letter to Councilmember Silverman following up on the issues we raised during the budget hearing, which are still ongoing. We requested a supplemental hearing for the Department of Employment Services (DOES) Office of Unemployment Compensation in the coming weeks to address these issues. You can read the letter here.

Last week, Legal Aid joined the Claimant Advocacy Program, First Shift Justice Project, Neighborhood Legal Services Program, the Public Justice Advocacy Clinic at the George Washington University Law School, and Whitman-Walker Health, to submit testimony to the DC Council’s Committee on Labor & Workforce Development regarding significant access issues with the provision of unemployment benefits during the COVID emergency.

Since the beginning of the public health emergency, over 100,000 DC workers have applied for unemployment benefits. We appreciate the extensive efforts that DOES is taking to process this extraordinary number of claims. With businesses shut and families staying home, UI is often the only source of income to pay rent, buy food, and purchase other necessities. Read more →

Jun 01


Legal Aid Will Do More, Do Better to End Anti-Black Racism

Again last night, thousands of protesters marched in the streets of the District, seeking justice and accountability in the wake of George Floyd’s senseless killing. Legal Aid stands in solidarity with those speaking out, demonstrating, and demanding a country and society that will treat every one of its residents with dignity and respect.

We are heartbroken, horrified, and outraged by Mr. Floyd’s death. It is an inexplicable loss that comes even as we are still mourning the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. In the long, sad shadow of earlier police shootings—of Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, John Crawford—and too many others to name. At a time when we are already so frustrated and angry to bear witness to the coronavirus pandemic disproportionately ravaging communities of color here in DC, just as it is doing across the country. And in an era when prominent political leaders repeatedly exploit racial division, bait protesters, and fan the flames of white supremacy.

Enough is enough. Read more →

May 27


D.C. Council Retains Core Foreclosure Protections for Struggling Homeowners

Last week, the D.C. Council unanimously passed the Coronavirus Support Emergency Amendment Act of 2020, a comprehensive emergency bill that is the fourth in a series of omnibus emergency bills. In an effort to consolidate and (in some cases) amend the policy changes passed since the start of the public health emergency, the Act repeals and replaces all prior emergency measures, as well as incorporating further changes and additions. Read more →

May 22


Recipes from a Socially-Distanced Kitchen

In this time of uncertainty, we have found ourselves living a “new normal”. However, in the midst of everyday challenges and changes, one thing is certain to remain the same: we have to eat!

For over 20 years, Legal Aid has had a strong social connection with food—specifically, a highly anticipated weekly tradition: Friday Treats. Every Friday morning, staff members gather together in the break room to enjoy delicious sweet and savory breakfast items brought in our coworkers. Friday Treats offers the opportunity for staff to mingle across units and learn more about one another on a personal level.

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May 19


Legal Aid Practice Spotlight: Social Security Federal District Court Appeals

Mr. Hamm* spent much of his life working physically strenuous jobs, like laying pipes, loading trucks, and driving a fork lift. That is, until 2010 when he was the victim of a vicious assault. The attack left Mr. Hamm with a severely broken leg and unable to work. In early 2011, Mr. Hamm applied for Social Security Disability benefits. After two long years, and erroneous denials, Mr. Hamm finally got a chance at a hearing. The delay, unfortunately, is not uncommon for disability claimants. Read more →