Written by Laura Bailey

Apr 24


Break Down Barriers to Justice Through Sexual Assault Awareness

The Sexual Assault Awareness movement was born out of the courage and resilience of sexual assault survivors like Recy Taylor who first sought to push sexual assault awareness into the spotlight in the search for social and racial justice. The movement has grown from efforts to engage and change the justice system to an annual campaign to improve practices, policies, and laws. In 2001, The National Sexual Violence Resource Center began annually coordinating awareness efforts for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) every April, and in 2009, SAAM was officially recognized by President Barack Obama. Throughout the month of April, advocacy and other organizations across the country work to educate the public on the dynamics about sexual violence. Read more →

Jan 25


Legal Aid Mourns the Loss of Long-Time Volunteer Attorney
Roger Langsdorf

RogerEver since its founding in 1932, Legal Aid has relied on volunteer attorneys to expand its reach.  Some take pro bono cases or help out on intake. A rare few come into our offices to work side by side with our paid staff to help make justice real for our clients. Read more →