Written by Chelsea Sharon

Mar 18


DC Council Emergency Legislation Extends Critical Public Benefits in Public Health Crisis, But There’s More Work To Do

The COVID-19 Response Emergency Amendment Act of 2020, unanimously passed by the D.C. Council yesterday afternoon, takes key steps to protect access to safety-net programs for District residents.  We appreciate the work that the Council and Mayor have done so far on this issue.  However, there is still important work to be done.

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Aug 09


New Relief Available to Protect Medicaid Beneficiaries

Low-income District residents will have an easier time getting and keeping their health care coverage, thanks to a recent federal court ruling requiring the District to change how it handles Medicaid applications and renewals.

The District has faced a number of problems administering its Medicaid program. DC residents often face long waits at social service centers – many line up as early as 4 a.m. to get in – and lost paperwork is a common problem. In addition, changes to the District’s IT system with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act have caused technological problems and backlogs in Medicaid application processing. This has created challenges to get on Medicaid and to maintain eligibility (which has to be renewed annually).  According to one Court document: “These problems have affected thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries and have deprived many District residents of necessary medical care to which they are entitled.” Read more →